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XL Series

XL Series shower enclosure feature ultra-slim top and bottom profiles. Clever engineering makes the rollers practically invisible from the outside, all for a clean look. Easy Installation and Easy Cleaning come as standard. All XL-Series models are available in durable automobile grade black or traditional chrome finish.

Corner installation models are available in square, rectangular and pentagonal shapes. Niche installation models feature single class pivot door and double glass sliding door design.

Product Highlights

Ultra-Slim Profiles

XL series shower enclosures feature ultra-slim aluminium frame profiles for a clean look.

Compact Rollers

A new roller design was created to make the rollers practically invisible from outside.

Slim Door Handles

All sliding door models of XL series feature straight slim door handles.

Pivot Door Handle

All pivot door models of XL series are equipped with highly practical yet minimalistic door handles.

Pivot Door Hinges

The elegantly shaped pivot door hinges have been designed in the same minimalist style as the rest of the shower enclosure.

Easy Install & Clean

All sliding door feature Easy Install & Clean bottom rollers.

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