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ST Series

All ST series shower enclosures feature our latest SilverBright aluminium profiles with concealed construction. All screws neatly hide inside the wall profiles and create a simply neat look.

Available as sliding door, bi-fold door and hinged door variants ST series is suitable for many applications. Every model can be equipped with a universal glass side panel for use in niche, corner and straight wall applications.

Product Highlights

Chromed Zinc Door Handles

ST series shower enclosures come with high quality zinc door handles with durable chrome finish. ST153 features aluminum door handle.

Double Rollers

Sliding door models of ST series are equipped with ultra-smooth and durable double rollers.

Bi-Fold Door

A clever door folding mechanism allows combining small overall dimensions and a large opening. Available on ST153 only.

Chromed Door Hinges

Durable brass door hinge with chrome finish. Available on ST156 only.

Chromed Pivot Door Hinges

Made from durable zinc alloy and finished in chrome. Available on ST157 only.

Covered Installation Points

Distracting installation points, like screws, have been neatly integrated internally. Nothing disturbs the clean design lines.

Chromed Profile Top Cover

The wall profiles’ top ends are covered with an chrome top cap.

Aluminum Profiles with Concealed Construction

Three component wall profiles elegantly hide all connection points.

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